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How to get a Golden Visa in Portugal

How to get a Golden Visa in Portugal

Portugal, a country with a powerful economy, is welcoming foreign investors who are looking for a high quality of life and the chance to do business in one of Europe’s most stable countries.

What is the Golden Visa Portugal?

The Golden Visa is a golden opportunity for people from outside the European Union to buy a property in Portugal, and get a residence permit after six months. The program was initially created to attract investment and stimulate the economy, but over time it has been a great way for many families to settle down in Portugal.

How to qualify for the Portuguese investment program

Qualifying for the Portuguese investment program is not difficult or impossible. You must meet two of these three criteria in order to qualify: purchase five properties in Portugal worth over 250,000 Euros in total; invest in a project that has an approved concession by the Portuguese government; create a company with an initial capitalization of at least 1 million Euros.

Different ways to invest in Portugal

There are five ways to invest in Portugal and get a Golden Visa. The first is by investing €1 million in an investment project for a set period of time. The next way is by owning a betterment enterprise for at least three years. The third way is buying a residence worth €500,000 or more. Fourth, you can invest €2500,000 in the Portuguese real estate market, private equity or bond market for five years. Finally, you can participate in an economic activity with a yearly minimum of €125,000.

The benefits of the Portuguese residence by investment program

The Golden Visa in Portugal is one of the most effective residence by investment programs in Europe. Portugal, like many Western European countries, has strict immigration laws. Citizens of non-EU countries need to jump through a number of hoops just to apply for residency status. The Golden Visa program offers an alternative by making it easier for wealthy foreigners to obtain permanent residency status in Portugal, without having to live there or invest financially.

How to apply for a Golden Visa in Portugal

The Golden Visa program is open to more than just Europeans. The applicant must have a clean criminal record and invest between EUR 200,000 and EUR 500,000 in a Portuguese business registered under the Golden Visa program. This gives them residency for at least five years and allows them to seek citizenship after time elapses.


If you can obtain a residency permit to live in Portugal for at least five years, apply for citizenship, and purchase €500,000 worth of property or €1 million worth of shares in a Portuguese company–then congratulations! You now have a Golden Visa.

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