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What We Do

We are an Independent Financial Advisory Firm with decades of experience, specializing in wealth-management services in the following areas:

Golden Visa

There are effective ways to invest in Portugal where you can save time, capital and energy. It’s important to have an independent  local specialized partner by your side.


Private Equity

We provide our clients with off-market deals by leveraging our existing relationships with Portuguese business owners for more than 40 years.


Investment Accounts

If you want to invest on your own or decide for a discretionary account, we can help you make the best options.


Insurance Bonds

Due to our specialized life insurance channel, we can help you set up the best vehicles to preserve wealth and optimize tax-planning.


Life Insurance

The uses of life insurance within the scope of a business or personal setting are tremendous: key-man insurance, buy-sell agreements, compensation packages, and more, are all situations under the umbrella of risk-management which makes a significant part of the financial-planning process.



Pension Transfers is a major decision. To be able to make sure you are on the right vehicle, the first step is to talk with an experienced partner, so you can make the best decision.



Whom we work with:



What our clients and partners say about us:

Good Afternoon!

On behalf of the Luso-British Chamber of Commerce, I want to thank you for your excellent contribution to this morning’s Webinar.
It was a privilege to be able to count on you at our event and I reiterate that it was a pleasure to meet you, in the hope that you have considered your time well spent. It is certain that for all who participated (more than 70 people from all over the world – UK, US, Germany, Portugal, etc.) it was without a doubt a presentation with immense value.

We became better acquainted with the integrated solutions that your company has to offer and, without a doubt, you clearly demonstrated a solid and professional image, which will help participants to have a broad vision of risk coverage mechanisms and the services they can use.
Thank you so much!

Com os melhores cumprimentos / Best Regards
Rui Pedro Almeida
Chair of the Board of Directors – British-Portuguese Chamber Of Commerce

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