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€454M AuM

#1 Ranked Portuguese Asset Manager for over 12 Years

Regulator: CMVM | Auditor: Mazars | Depository: Bison Bank

//Finance Fund pays you 8% annual dividend

Ready to Go Green?

Investing in Renewable Energy that caters to the increasing demand for a more sustainable and cleaner way to power the planet. By financing specific infrastructures, this ESG Fund is able to generate high and stable yields in the long run.

It pays you a steady 8% annual dividend.

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Minimum Participation:

Annual Dividend:


High Returns + Key Market Opportunities



Zero Carbon Emissions | Reliability | Low Maintenance Costs | Affordable Energy

  • High Yields of 8%
  • Diversification of the Portfolio
  • Economic Development

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How It Works

How you get paid 8% every year

Step 1

Energy Contractor signs 10 year contracts with institutional clients to install and maintain the equipment.

Step 2

BlueCrow buys the equipment, aggregates all contracts and receives rents from the clients.

In the end sells the equipment to the client at a pre-agreed price.

Step 3

Fund Investors receive 8% annual dividend from BlueCrow, plus the profits from the sale.

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Sustainable Energy


High returns | Key market opportunities

8% Annual Dividend | Target IRR: 15-20%

Regulator: CMVM | Auditor: Mazars | Depository: Bison Bank


Fund size Target


Dividend per year to investors + profits

Invest in Sustainable Energy

BlueCrow: Over A Decade of Evolution | Over +€450M AuM | Experienced team

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Ready to get paid 8% and contribute to the World?

Join us today in a more sustainable energy world and get paid for your contribution.

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Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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