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with Diogo Marques and Team

Diogo Marques – Independent Financial Advisor

Education: BSc Economics – The London School Of Economics and Political Science

Specializations: SME’s


  • ASF: 319 555 421
  • AMI: 19 477
  • APROSE: 4149

Areas of Expertise:

  • Independent Financial Advisor. Specialized in Life Insurance and Investments
  • Minimum Account: €500.000

Focus for 2022:

  • 2022 Candidate to the MDRT – €2.0M in Life Insurance Applications
  • 104 Golden Visa Applications
  • 208 SIFIDE II – Tax Applications
  • €50M in Industrial/Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Track Record:

  • Working as a consultant since 2004
  • Sold first company in 2015
  • Joined the insurance sector in 2017
  • Responsible for large transactions with the largest investment banks and legal firms in Portugal



On behalf of the Luso-British Chamber of Commerce, I would like to thank you for your excellent contribution.

It was a privilege to have you at our event and I reiterate that it was a pleasure to meet you.

It is certain that for all who participated (more than 70 people from all over the world) it was without a doubt a presentation with immense value. It gave a very solid and professional image.

Thank you so much!

Com os melhores cumprimentos / Best Regards

Rui Pedro Almeida

Chair of the Board of Directors – BPCC

I can only say excellent things about Diogo.

He took over all our insurances, company and employees and was really game-changing for us.

No only did he provide us with savings getting us the best policies, but also took care of all the organization which for me as the CEO was crucial.

Now I know all the insurances we have, why we have them, and how much we are paying.

Diogo is very skilled and solution-oriented. You are very lucky to have him on board.

Cumprimentos, / Kind Regards

Tiago Vieira Da Silva

Managing Partner


Mission, Vision and Values

To maintain our fiduciary responsibility as an independent financial advisory firm and hold the highest quality and ethical standards with customers.
To ensure clear, concise, and quality professional communication at all times, so we can preserve and keep building our relationship for the future.
Meaningful Work, Meaningful Relationships.

What We Do

1. Golden Visa Investments
2. Real Estate Investments
3. Tax-Planning
4. Pension Transfers
1. Life Insurance
2. Income Protection and Critical Illnesses Support
3. Travel and Health Insurance
4. Retirement and savings Accounts
5. Compensation Packages/Fringe Benefits


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