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In this article, we will go through the different types of visas that Portugal offers. Depending on your activity and staying needs there is one for you.

So How many visas does Portugal offer?
There are 2 types of visas: short term (less than one year) and long term (more than one year).

Short-Term visas are:
Visiting Family and Friends
Transit Visa(Seaman)
EU National(Family Visit)
Travel Medical Insurance List
Seasonal work

Long-Term term visas are:
(it’s the E’s and the D’s)
E1 – Medical Treatment
E2 – Intra Corporate Transfer of Citizens Between States party to WTO
E3 – Independent Work
E4 – Scientific Research / University Teaching Position / Highly Qualified Activity
E5 – Amateur Sports
E6 – Student Exchange / Unpaid Work / Volunteer work
E7 – Accompanying a currently ill family member
E8 – Seasonal work – more than 90 days
E9 – Educational/Professional work(more than 1 year)
D1 – Subordinated Professional Activity
D2 – Independent Professional Activity/Entrepreneur emigrants / start-up visa
D3 – University teaching position / highly qualified activity / cultural activiy
D4 – Research / study / internship (more than 1 year)
D6 – Family reunification
D7 – Senior citizens / Religious immigrants / People living from rents and investments

The typical clients we work with, usually obtain the D2 – entrepreneur visa, D7 – passive income visa, or the Golden Visa.
In addition, all usually get the NHR status to take advantage of the Portuguese tax regime.

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