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The process to obtain your Golden Visa will take on average 6-10 months

In a nutshell, there are 7 steps to complete a golden visa application:

1. Meet and sign a contract with the legal firm and the financial planner of choice, so they can help you from here.

2. Both will then help you gather and send signed required documents to the bank and investment fund of choice to open the accounts.

3. The legal firm will help you register your NIF Tax number, the financial planner will help you from the investment side required documentation.

4. You then open a local Bank account and deposit the funds. If you choose to acquire units of participation in a Golden Visa fund, after the deposit, the bank will transfer the capital to the chosen fund and issue a declaration stating you own x amount of units in that specific fund.

5. the Legal firm will need this document and help submit all the remaining paperwork to SEF – It’s our immigration authority, so you can get their approval for the GV

6. After the SEF approval you can schedule the biometrics appointment.

7. The Biometrics approval can be collected by your proxy and sent to you by mail.
That’s it. You are done.
->After 5 years, you are eligible to request Citizenship or Permanent Residency

at the same time, you can apply for the Non-Habitual-Resident tax regime so you can gain access to preferred tax rates from here.

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