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My Story

Hi, Friend!

My name is Diogo Marques. I am an economist specialized in statistics.

I work as a financial advisor in private banking, specializing in credit, insurance, and private equity investments.

I tutor students online in statistics and economics. This is where I can help you.



“Very detailed and thorough. Remarkable tutor”

– Leonel Wasim


My Experience

Years tutoring

Active Students




Grupo Marques Seguros – Advisory Firm specialized in credit, insurace and investments

Engineering Company – Sold


Founded my first company in 2010, sold it in 2017

Independent Advisor


Consulting work across several industries


BSc Economics

The London School of Economics and Political Science

Bsc Computer Science

Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa


My Areas of Focus

1. Frequentist Statistics
1.1 Descriptive Statistics
1.2 Inferential Statistics

2. Bayesian Statistics
2.1 Bayesian Descriptive Statistics
2.2 Bayesian Inferential Statistics
2.3 Bayesian Modelling
2.4 Bayesian Machine Learning

3. Probability Theory
3.1 Frequentist Probability
3.2 Bayesian Probability
3.2 Measure-Theoretic Probability
3.3 Probability Distributions
3.4 Stochastic Processes

1. Enumerative Combinatorics
2. Probabilistic Combinatorics

#Machine Learning
1. Supervised Learning
2. Unsupervised Learning
3. Deep Learning
4. Reinforcement Learning

1. Econometrics
1.1 Regression Analysis
1.2 Time Series Analysis
1.3 Panel Data Analysis
1.4 Instrumental Variables
1.5 Causal Inference

2. Microeconomics
2.1 Consumer Theory
2.2 Producer Theory
2.3 Market Structures
2.4 Game Theory

3. Macroeconomics
3.1 Aggregate Demand and Supply
3.2 Economic Growth
3.3 Unemployment and Inflation
3.4 Fiscal Policy
3.5 Monetary Policy


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