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After you open your bank account and transfer the funds, you then order your bank representative to transfer the funds to the fund.

This bank works essentially like a brokerage account like Schwabb, Fidelity, or Interactive Brokers. You first deposit the funds then acquire units of participation in a fund like Berkshire Hathaway or S&P500. When you do you then see the Net asset value of your investment. Here it is the same thing:

You will then have access to your own dashboard where you can see the NAVs(Net Asset Value) of your shares in the fund you invested.

Remember that all you did is essentially open a bank account in Portugal and have money to work to produce returns for you from real estate rents instead of leaving the same money in your current bank account and losing money by paying monthly fees to the bank earning negative rates.

It’s just part of your same money in a different bank account. And by doing so, you have income from real estate rents with no withholding tax, you have legal protection as the funds are scrutinized by our securities and exchange commission, and you have access to the audit reports from one of the big 4’s, and you gain access to the golden visa, that will grant you access to Europe, so you can retire, bring in your family, and establish other business ventures fi that is your wish.

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